A number of startups at Entry 29 and throughout Canberra are building software solutions. Dr Amir Hadad, founder of Pictionist, will be hosting an interactive series of workshops each month around good software production practices and related concepts.

Version control is of critical importance and will be the focus for the first event.

Concepts presented at this workshop will be Git-centric. We’ll endeavour to keep it relatable to Mercury and SVN version controls, too. This is an interactive workshop and the plan is to create an environment for others to share their experiences with one another.


  • What is version control?
  • Quick history of version control protocols
  • Overview of GIT
  • Introductory GIT concepts
  • Version control strategies (collaboration, simple and advanced branching models)
  • Overview of cloud-based version control
  • Overiew of Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Integration made easy through version control

Depending on interest, and how much ground we cover, we may cover this in a future workshop too.

The Tech Talks series is hosted by Entry 29 member Dr Amir Hadad. Amir is a coder and the founder of Pictionist, a startup that provides better search capabilities within large image repositories.

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